Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Cat Lucy

Today has been a sad day... our cat Lucy went to be with Jesus. This morning when Dh came home from work he said that he let her in (she's a night prowler and spent most nights outside hunting) and put her in the garage so she could eat. She was acting kind of funny and when he went back out to the garage a few minutes later she had passed on. We think she might have been poisoned. Or at least gotten a hold of a rodent that had been poisoned. She was fine last night when I let her out.
I had to tell Weewee when she came home that her kitty had died and she was so sad. She immediately wanted to get a new kitty but I think we will settle for one of those "Fur Real Pets". A toy seems much more doable for us right now.

I know our family will really miss her but I can only hope that she is in Kitty heaven hunting and frolicking in peace now.

I am waiting......
still waiting .......
for my little girl to come home.....sure wish MIL would call to say when they will be I start dinner or wait.....I just want my daughter home I miss her.

Maybe soon? I hope.
I thought they would be coming this way early this morning. Guess not huh?
Soon I hope.

SHE'S FINALLY HOME!!!! 9:30pm but I am too happy to complain :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Despite the fact that I have felt crummy all day, due to some intestinal virus, it has been a good day. Today was the last day where I will have only my two youngest children at home. To tell the truth I have felt lost with out the other two. #1son is in Tennessee with my family and Weewee is with DH's family. Weewee got to go to the beach yesterday. I will skip the part about how I am terribly paranoid about my kids visiting the beach without me. She told me on the phone today the she liked the beach except the waves and sand part....hehehehe!
Bigoo and I have had a wonderful time bonding with just us and the baby. He is a lot to handle without his big brother and big sister to entertain him. While my parents were visiting my mom got him spoiled on taking a nightly walk around the neighborhood. Tonight was the first night I did not follow through with it. Only because I am feeling so bad. (see note above re intestinal virus) I love to take him on those walks it is so relaxing for him and it gives me a chance to clear my head as well. I am not sure how we will manage to keep it up when Weewee or #1son get home. It is hard enough to wrangle two babies (one in a stroller and one in a snuggly or sling). Weewee is just small enough that walking around the block proves to be a little too much for her short legs. I a have a double stroller but it is a little more than daunting to think of pushing two and carrying one. Oh well, that is a challenge for another day.
I will be posting some pictures to the children's blog soon. We got to take so many while my family was visiting. And then the last night they were here DH's Grandmother flew in from California. She has never met any of her great grandchildren so it was a special treat. Thank God #1son had not yet left for TN. I would have been so heart broken. Also DH's Aunt came in from Louisiana with her daughter and grand daughter. SO we had a great time.

Last Saturday was DH's birthday. He turned 35 this year. I think it is kind of messing with his head a little. He thinks he is old. We got to go out and celebrate with his cousin (my bestest friend here) her husband, her brother, his girlfriend and another friend. It was so much fun to go out and just be grown ups. I forgot how much fun it used to be before we had kids. Thank goodness for his mom playing babysitter to all our kids. I have to say my MIL is the greatest when it comes to stuff like that. She always gives us the opportunity to get out. Maybe it is because she knows if I lose my mind with all these kids she is stuck with them and her son!!! Oh what an awful thought that must be.....: )

So, I have calmed down now and the baby is nursing much better again. I think I may have panicked a little. It is just that I set my mind to nursing her for longer than I did the other 3. Mostly because I always regretted weaning each of them. So I want to nurse her for at least 6 months. 4 Months is the longest I have ever lasted. Each time I have nursed a baby I start out all excited but then I get to the point where no one is supporting me and I give it up. So this time I set myself up with support and now all I have to rely on is that I have milk and the baby wants it.
So far so good....with only this one minor bump in the road.

In case anyone is wondering Princess Fairheart is now in her special shoes!!!! We got them three weeks ago this coming Monday. We only needed on minor adjustment made to them and so far no more problems. IT has been awkward to nurse with this bar that turns her legs into an A frame when she lies on her side. But I just snap the bar off during our nursing time. We are still co-sleeping but the last few nights have been tough. My hips are a little bruised from her kicking her legs. She slept half the night 2 nights ago in her own bed (right next to mine) because I needed some rest and could not get it due to her kicking me with those awful shoes. Her surgery seems to have gone well but her stitches have still not desolved...hmmm...I need to remember to ask to doc on Monday about that. Bigoo likes to grab her bar when she is in the swing and pull her to make her go faster.....he is a little turd that I can not take my eyes off for one moment.

So, there you all go that is my little update. I am back to the world of blogging and my how I have missed it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am back! Well sort company has gone home..taking #1son with them, Weewee is at her Grammie's and Bigoo and Princess Fairheart are here with me. I have had an EXTREMELY busy couple of weeks. I am so tired out that I am not sure when I will be back to normal. I think maybe too many people being around has made me want to be all alone. But I know my readers are wondering if I am alive. I am barely. I have so much I need to write but am overwhelmed at the thought. The stress is getting to me now too because the baby doesn't seem to be getting enough milk from nursing. I cried for half an hour last night when I went ahead and made her a bottle of formula. Darn it I really want to nurse her for longer but for some reason my milk supply seems to be dwindling. Dh and I are arguing a lot. Stress is too much some days. Could it be the baby blues? Or something else. Maybe it is that I am 31 now and feel trapped in this crazy life. I almost feel guilty writing that down. But I just need to let it out or I might explode. I feel like I am not very good at being a mom. I wish I was more patient and kind and easy going. Right now I am none of those things. Hopefully in a few days after I get back in my regular routine....

On a positive note, we had an awesome visit with my parents and sisters. It was crazy having 4 extra people in my house for 2 and 1/2 weeks. But it was so nice for them to be here with the kids.

Anyway I will be trying to post again soon.

Sorry this is not the happiest of posts.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Things have finally calmed down a bit. The kids are tucked in bed and sleeping! YEAH! I am getting sleepy but trying to enjoy the stress free quiet. I think I may pick up that book again and read till I fall asleep.
It will probably take a week or two to get used to DH being on night shift. I am used to having to be really really quiet after 9pm so he can get some sleep. Oh what will I do with my nights free now. Probably sleep but I envision tons of time to read and surf the web and blog with out much interruption.
Tonight however I am calling it a night early.

My house is crazy tonight. My kids are playing some game they made up. The baby is protesting to being in her swing. My DH started on night shift (4pm-2:30am) today! I thought it would be quiet this evening and here I sit with all this chaos and count the minutes until I can put them to bed. Is that bad?
#1Son and Weewee are pretending to do karate on each other. A few minutes ago #1Son was being the "green goblin" from Spiderman. Now he is wearing a decorative pin of mine (from my days in a professional office). They raided my jewelry box. They are pretending the pin is a badge. A badge for what they won't say. BB is running around between the the swing where the baby is fussing and the couch where he is trying to now wrestle with the other two. Pulling his diaper off along the way. I am trying to ignore all this craziness so that I do not lose my mind.
I should be cleaning my house. My parents will be here tomorrow (I think). But here I am blogging again. I like blogging. I like to read the book I set aside last night as well. I am consumed by the new book I am reading. It is called Outlander by Dianna Gabaldon (sp?). Apparently it is a series of books (6 I think) I started out reading the final book A Breath of Snow and Ashes (not knowing it was part of a series) and had to put it aside to read the series from the beginning. Now I have yet another thing pulling at me to get done. OK OK so it is a fun thing an escape of sorts. I wish I could get to everything everyday.

OK I just had to put a stop to the madness. I thought if I sat here and typed and let them play that they might get it out of their system.....boy was I wrong. They just got louder and louder as if trying to compete to see who could make my head hurt the worst. Well, I yelled at them to stop! I mean seriously there is only so much unnecessary noise that one can endure a day. I usually reach that limit by 9 am but today I was feeling generous.

Why is that if you have an enormous playroom for your children to play in, stocked with a wide variety of toys and entertainment options, that your children will opt to be right under your feet until you want to have a break down?
If I send them to the playroom, they want to be outside. If I send them outside they want to be in the house. Am I missing something? Or is this just and evil plot to make me crazy. Don't get me wrong I love my kids more than life but come crazy does it have to get?

Oh well I am determined to still have a good night with them. Maybe we will watch a movie together. Of course they can't have any snacks because they refused to eat all of their dinner tonight........Oh my...well I will try a movie but that will probably be a fight too......Oh well not too long and I can say my favorite words "Night night time guys" :)