Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quickie update

I am so far behind that I may never get caught up. I have missed blogging!!! Yet I can not recall one free moment this month that I could have done it. Here goes a really quick update (especially for you Sarah ;) )
The kids and I have made it safely back to Delaware. Only to find that our apartment is not quite ready to move into! Thank you DH who keeps procrastinating. So we are staying with DH's Aunt and Uncle. They have been too kind.
The night we arrived back our 20 month old son BB had to be rushed to the emergency room and had oral surgery. He fell off his brand new tri-cycle and shattered his two front teeth. Now he won't have any front teeth til he is about 7 years old!! I know I know I should be happy it was only his baby teeth BUT it is hard to look at your perfect little baby who now has only a giant gap where 2 days ago his perfect little teeth were.
This was not exactly how I saw our first day back playing out! Oh well we are here and mostly uninjured.
DH got the job last month with a great company in New Castle, DE. Hence the reason the kids and I came back up north.
I had a great visit with my family. And even a couple of my friends. Sorry Wandering Heart that we never could meet up. The kids are over their colds now.
So I am living and breathing, tired and happy, anxious and overwhelmed so not much has changed. Hopefully very soon we will be settled and my life will go back into a much need routine.

Until next time...