Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yes it is me...I am FINALLY in the age of computers and the internet.

Wow so it really has been 3 months since I posted on here. Believe me I truly had with drawals. I have read a lot of books since I have been with out a computer. Since none of you all know any of the crazy changes that have been going on in our lives lately I will take this opportunity to update you all.
In August we packed up and left Pennsylvania. My DH lost his job without the prospect of another one. We went through so much at that time. I struggled to understand why?!? We stayed at DH's Mom's house for a little while. That was a major disaster. Too many people and not enough house...or something like that. My children and I headed south to Tennessee. Home sweet home...for a little while anyway. We stayed in Tennessee for about a month. It was fun to see my family. I did not get to see nearly enough of my friends (sorry Wandering Heart). We headed back to Delaware near the end of October. Just in time for a nice autumn. Our home coming was full of drama of course. I mean come on I have four kids how can we not have drama? We were only back in the state for less than six hours when BB fell and broke out his two front teeth on a tricycle. We spent most of our first night back in the ER. Not to worry he wanted to get right back on that bike the next morning.
We moved into a way too tiny apartment for a few months just to save some money and recover from DH's job loss.
This time in my life has probably been one of the hardest but best times I have ever been through.
In the middle of all the chaos there have been major blessings. My family is closer (literally) and my marriage is stronger, my faith is growing, and I have truly learned to "Bloom where you are planted". Another amazing blessing that has come from these hardships is that I got the opportunity to start my own business. I swore off home based businesses about 10 years ago. But I found an opportunity that was too good to pass up. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to help out with my families income. It has been so long since I worked (besides my day job of being a mom ). It is nice to get out and meet with other adults...apparently I needed that. I found something I am totally passionate about and it turns out I can make money at it too. That is always a plus. I having to learn to balance things differently now but I love it.

SO I am back. I hope to stay here I have missed my little blogger family. I can not wait to get caught up on all of you lives. By the way Congratulations to both Zann and Wandering Heart!!! I am so excited for you guys.